Get Fit

You’re fed up with not looking and feeling your BEST…

Has life got you out of shape, lacking energy and uncomfortable in your clothes?


You’re ready to feel strong and have more energy to keep up with life…to keep up with the kids.

You’re ready to feel CONFIDENT and HAPPY with the way you look.

Not sure where to start?

Haven’t had success with other programs or gym memberships in the past?

Overwhelmed with so many options and not sure where to start?

Not sure what to eat and how much?

My coaching is FREE when you purchase a challenge pack.

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So we not only change the outside, but we change the inside too, so you make changes that will last a lifetime (if you stay consistent).

Your Investment

Buy the challenge pack and have it delivered physically to your door.

Need help choosing a program that is right for you?

If health and fitness are not fun, what’s the point?

Let me help you chose a work out that will get you look forward to doing each day and get you results.

Your membership will continue as long as you decide to stay on Shakeology.

“I lost 4 pounds and 14 inches. So much stronger. I increased from 5 lb weights to 15 in just 3 weeks!”  -Stephanie S.

“I’m down 5 pounds and 7.5 inches in 21 days!  I had a FANTASTIC experience with the virtual boot camp. I was motivated to work out each day. Seeing other people post about their workouts made me excited to get home and do mine! And being able to encourage other women was great!”  Mary W.

“Toni, is an amazing coach! She always motivates me when I really just want to give up. She sets an incredible example for me to follow. And she always takes time to make me feel like I matter. I don’t know where I would be in my journey without her support.” -Crystal H.

“I just finished a 10 day clean eating challenge with Toni and am stunned. Toni is Amazing, she’s so positive and encouraging and with her support in 10 days I lost 3#’s and 8.5″. I’m also sleeping and feeling better. I’m so Happy! Thank’s Toni”  -Joan K.