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Holiday Fitness Wish List

HOLIDAY FITNESS WISH LIST!! I’m your personal ELF this year!!

Why not ask SANTA for the gift of FITNESS this year?

I created a holiday wish list as your little letter to Santa to pick your perfect program and with your selections I’ll send the link directly to your significant other or whoever you select on the form who you are asking for this gift from!

Everything will stay a secret so you will be surprised on Christmas morning or for whichever holiday you celebrate!

All our package options are in comments so you can pick the one you like best and learn more about the entire program!

By submitting this form you will also get added to my secret holiday survival group where you’ll get incredible healthy holiday meal planning ideas.

Our New Years Challenge is set to begin on January 9th with prep the week before! You can use this package to join that challenge which is set to be the BEST challenge of the year with the biggest prizes to help you start right!!

Can’t WAIT to get some incredible holiday gifts out to some seriously lucky ladies this year!!

Fill out this form to submit your wish list!