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How Can Clothing Cause Anxiety??

A few weeks ago my husband surprised us with a trip the The Great Wolf Lodge. I was excited for the kids and my husband to enjoy the water slides…But frankly I was terrified of having to be in my swim suit ALL day!

When we first arrived to the Lodge, the kids were in AWE! It is a kids dream! When you first come into the lodge it is so kid friendly. The kids all got some cute “wolf ear” headbands to wear. They actually still are wearing them around the house. Our room was already ready when we got there…even though we arrived before check-in time, which was awesome! We had planned to just use the water park while we waited for our room, but we were able to head right up there. It is awesome that you can use the water park that day you check-in before your check in time and the day you check-out until closing!

We got settled into our room and the kids were racing to get to the water park. I on the other hand, was not so eager. Now you may be thinking…haven’t you been working so hard for the last 2 years to feel better health wise. Well, YES! But for some reason I felt like other people were still staring at me and judging my “mommy belly”. I was like I wanted to carry around a sign that said “I workout daily, eat healthy, but struggle with Hashimotos disease which makes it hard to get a 6 pack!”

I realized right there that I was using my thyroid condition as a crutch, as an excuse to still have a tummy, to not be reaching my goals, to be settling for my so-far progress. How could I inspire others to give it their all, to get out of their comfort zone, to make the necessary changes to reach their goals, if I WASN’T doing that myself?

I did go on the water slides with the kids. I will admit it was pretty fun! I know that next time I will enjoy it even more since I will have a NEW mindset!

Only YOU are responsible for your progress or lack of progress! Only YOU can take credit for your success or failures! STOP staying it is because you have X amount of kids, that you can’t get to the gym, that you have (insert name) disease! If you really want it, you will find a way!

I know that doing it ALONE is hard, and scary. You don’t have to be alone in this journey! I am passionate about helping other Mom’s love their bodies again! Whether you are a new mom, or your baby is turning 17 this year and you are still carrying around the “baby weight”, I want to help you believe in YOURSELF again!

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