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Review of 80 Day Obsession with Hashimotos Disease

80 days! Wow! I am not sure I can commit to that. I mean I will have Valentine’s Day, birthday’s and our 10 year anniversary! Heck the longest program I have ever followed up to that point was 60 days. Those were the thoughts running through my head when I heard about this new Abs, Arms, and Booty program. I was willing to give it a try if…

My doctor gave me the all clear to workout. In September I hurt my back to the point I couldn’t get out of the recliner for 7 weeks. I finally had an MRI which showed three herniated discs and a benign tumor in one of my vertebrates! I met with the spine surgeon on January 15, 2018 to discuss the results of my MRI and our action plan to get me back to my normal life.

Much to my surprise the surgeon said “go ahead and get back to your workouts, just modify”! I was OVER the moon to get the green light to get back to my daily sweat therapy sessions. I mean as a mom of five and homeschooling, I need some sort of outlet to escape the daily squabbles, the “he is looking at me” or the daily reminders for my 3 year old to stop drinking the pancake syrup. As soon as we got home from the doctors visit, I changed into my workout clothes and pushed play!

The workouts were intense but not unbearable. Too many people only stay in there comfort zone when it comes to exercise and they wonder why they never progress, you need to challenge yourself! I did just that! That first week I was modifying the modifier WITHOUT using weights. I knew if I was going to help rebuild my core strength without re-injuring my back I had to take it SLOW and STEADY.

Can we talk about the meal plan for just a minute?  I mean what the heck is “timed nutrition”?  I was not looking forward to eating BEFORE my morning workout.  But I decided to give it a try.  Remember that is we want to change there will be times we are challenged and need to try new things.  So I went all in and I followed the workouts and meal plan to a ‘T’. I was a bit worried about the amount of food I was going to be eating.  I was FULL all the time!  Thoughts ran through me head wondering if this meal plan would really work for me since I have hashimotos disease, which is an autoimmune thyroid condition.  For years doctors have told me to eat very few calories, to cut out carbs and to ONLY do cardio.  This program was anything but THAT!  I told myself that the doctors way wasn’t getting me the results I was looking for AND I was constantly tired and crabby because I was so restricted on the amount of food I was eating.

Guess what?  After phase 1 of the program I actually bumped UP a calorie bracket because I was constantly hungry again and getting irritable and crabby.  As you can imagine, that doesn’t make for a happy home.  Again I decided to follow the advice of the creator of the program and I started eating MORE food!  You want to know why I was so hungry?  My metabolism was in HIGH gear!!!  Building lean muscle turns your body into a furnace to torch body fat! That’s what I’m talking about!  So no more hamster cardio at the gym, it’s to get down to business at HOME!

After phase 1, I was also able to increase my weights.  Or should I say START lifting weights.  Like I said, I was taking it slow to make sure I could complete the program without a mishap with my back.  By the end of phase 3, I was SHOCKED at my results.


Not just the results on the scale, in the mirror, or the measurements.  I’m talking about the new confidence that I have NEVER had.  I’m talking about the positive mindset.  The change comes from within and that is what has made it a LASTING change.  Not some quick fix, or fad diet.  But when you change the way you THINK about yourself, everything else falls in to place.  And having the right tools to get me the results was a PLUS!

Yes, I may have lost 5 INCHES of my waist in 80 days, but I gained so much more!  The confidence to LOVE myself right where I am TODAY!  Not when I lose another 10 or 20 pounds, but right now!  As a mom of five, including three daughters, I think it is SO important that we show our children the important of LOVING ourselves despite the number on the scale or what that tag says in those jeans.

I gained the confidence to wear a BIKINI on our trip to Cancun, which I earned by helping others on their health and fitness journey.  I haven’t worn a bikini since I had kids! Yes I have stretch marks, and sagging skin, and bulges in places that others don’t, but this body also gave me 5 beautiful children, including twins.

What I love most about what I do as an online health and fitness coach is to help other women realize that very same thing…that they are beautiful and strong and confident!  Together we are working on becoming a healthier version of that confident woman inside!

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