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Shrinking Waistline!!! Down 2.75 INCHES in Just 14 DAYS!!!

Life has been pretty interesting since I hurt my back in September 2017.  I was working out and heard a “pop” and immediately I couldn’t move.  If you have ever experienced any sort of back issues, you know a “pop” is NOT a good thing!  For 7 weeks I could NOT stand up straight.

I was fearing the worst.  I was still doing my regular chiropractic adjustments.  We also started some spinal decompression and laser treatment.  Unfortunately I wasn’t seeing much improvements.  After week

s of seeing little to no improvement, I asked to have an MRI done.

Much to my surprise the MRI showed some things I wasn’t expecting.  I knew that I had a disc issue at L4/L5.  But to my surprise I also have bulging at L2/L3, L3/L4.  PLUS a benign tumor in my vertebrae!  The L4/L5 disc is bulging to the front & pinching my spinal cord some.

My doctor agreed it might be best to NOT doing much physical activity until I got a 2nd opinion from a spinal surgeon.  I saw the surgeon up in Denver on January 15th.  Needless to say, I was a bit nervous…I was peeing like crazy!  Ok, I know I am not the only one like that under stressful situations, right?

Much to my relief, the surgeon told me the discs are not causing my pain.  Rather it is the facet joints.  The what?  That is what I thought.  He went in depth to explain to me that they are the joints on the edge of the vertebrae???  Since my disc is getting smaller the space between those joints is also lessening.  When they get close or touch the small nerves in those facet joints are giving me pain.

Ok, great!  How do we fix it so I can get back to working out?  I honestly think that was the first thing out of my mouth after he said he would NOT do surgery at this point.  Strengthening my core is key to helping with the pain.  I was given the GREEN light to get back to my at home workouts as long as I don’t do any impact, twisting or bending backwards.  Got it!

Whew!  What a relief and just the answer I was looking for…I mean especially since this brand new program was just released the SAME day I saw the surgeon!  You better believe it!  As soon as we got home from Denver, dinner cooked, clean up done, and meals packed for my hubby to take to work I was getting my workout on!

Too often people fear working out because the have some sort of pain…when in fact exercise is just the medicine they need!  NOT another bottle of pain killers! The surgeon also recommended that I up my daily dose of omega 3’s, tumeric, a magnesium to help with inflammation.  I am happy to say that so far, so good!

After 2 weeks of following the workouts…modifying the modifier, following this new way of eating I am down 2.75 inches off my waist alone!  I am down a total of 6 inches and 1.5 lbs.  You may think…only 1.5 lbs, what the heck?  Actually I would rather drop inches than pounds any day!  The mirror, pictures, and your clothes are the best way to track your progress.

I have a group of ladies doing this new program with me.  I am BLOWN away at the results I am seeing already!  I am about to launch a new group in February.  If you want to learn more or grab your spot, please email me at and we can chat to see if this might be just the program you have been waiting for!  I will be looking for your email!